Royal Joust & Moth Trials!

Hey guys! We're going to do a Royal Joust and Moth Trials on Penguin3D for the first time ever!

Date: Saturday 20th October 2018

Time: 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST / 10 PM UK

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Today's Memories

The Big Update Is Here!

Swords, Caves, New Island, New Items, Secrets, Mining, Forge And More!

Install the new version now!

YouTube Competition Winner!

Hey everyone! I loved seeing your videos that you made. Wilf, yours was really funny and Kara, yours was nice and neat. Kacentave, yours was a nice lengthy tutorial with jammy music!

The Winner Is...

Penguin wielding a blade

Check out this sneak peek of the upcoming update which will contain swords for penguins! OUCH! I know. There will be an open PvP arena where you will be able to fight your friends and foes for glory.

By Saturday next week we'll have this update up and running as well as the first ever Penguin3D ROYAL JOUST!

YouTube Video Competition!

Hey everyone! We're doing a YouTube video competition...
Whoever makes the best, most fun and interesting Penguin3D video will win a hat with their channel written on it.

The winner will be chosen in 7 days! Submit your videos to the Penguin3D discord.

Moth Library & Moth Temple!

Hey everyone. The Moth Library and Moth Temple got added and so did some new hidden items. Other than that, there were bug fixes and the addition of a pause menu. Check out the pictures from yesterday's insanity in the Moth Temple where penguins were going into the moth furnace in order to be shot up to claim the hidden items.

The Throne Room is here! So are more hidden items.

Hey guys! Day one of Penguin3D has been an absolute treat. So I made the Throne Room and a bunch of new items. Here's some pictures from the day. The next update will contain more items and rooms, stay tuned!

Update Coming Today!

Hey guys! It was great fun playing with you all last night.

Today I will be releasing an update which will contain new dances, a sitting pose, bug fixes and some new items and rooms.

Keep sending in your ideas for future updates and I'll see you all later tonight!

We need moderators!

Hey everyone. I'm in need of some moderators as soon as possible. The moderator's jobs are to kick/ban rule breakers and promote trusted players to the rank of Member where they will be able to access the member server and have member only items.

If you are interested, please login at around 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST / 10 PM UK when the new update comes out.
We will discuss new mods in-game.

Beta Testing begins

Hey everyone. After 8 long days of none stop scripting, modelling and making stuff... Penguin3D is finally ready for beta testing.

Now's the time to collect all the hidden items and report the bugs you find. I will release an update tomorrow (Monday) patching and adding stuff in.

This project is dedicated to you!

You've all been so loyal to me and my work for the last 5+ years. It's a great honour to dedicate this game to you. May you enjoy it and make it like your own for years to come.

Day One Pictures